Soil Bentonite

Gears, Inc. and Pyramid Environmental, Inc. (PEI) are specialty mixing contractors where accuracy and experience are important to the success of a project.

Gears, Inc and PEI utilize continuous mixing volumetric self-erecting and self-contained plants which are state of the art. The plants have a varied throughput capacity of 100 to 1,000 tons per hour depending on the properties of the soil and amount of bentonite to be added per cubic yard.

The plants are made up of a 16 cubic yard aggregate bin, a self-erecting silo, a twin shaft pugmill, water storage tanks with pumps, and a discharge conveyor with a gob hopper. The plants are computer controlled.

On the Construction 
of Soil Bentonite 
Radon Barriers 

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Tailings & Mine Waste '95


The bentonite is fed from the silo by means of an enclosed hydraulically driven cleated belt feeder where a high degree of accuracy is achieved. This degree of accuracy is important to insure meeting the requirements of the specifications while not running over or under on an expensive additive.

The bentonite, water and soil are introduced in the mixing chamber. The twin shaft pugmill produces a violent mixing action insuring a homogeneously mixed product. This mixing action not only insures a uniform mix but produces a material where the desired density is relatively easy to achieve in the field.

Our experience in the proper proportioning and mixing of soil/bentonite and other products such as RCC, CTB, Soil Cement and Hazardous Waste is unparalleled.

In every facet of construction there is knowledge to be gained from experience. The mixing of soil bentonite is no different. Our plant operators have years of experience mixing bentonite with all types of soil. Our equipment is the best. Don’t trust your critical construction schedule to a contractor with no experience mixing bentonite, or worse, to one using rental equipment with no proven track record. Your GEARS/PEI contact can discuss permeability, types of bentonite soils, internal friction angles and rotational shear strength so that a first-class project can be obtained within budget and on schedule.

If your project requires a high degree of accuracy of mixed product, give us a call.

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